Aaron „The Lion“ Sharp Interview (English, 26.07.2019)

WF: Aaron, let me first tank you for your spontaneous commitment. How are you these days, I heard, you have serious leg problems? What happened?!

AS: Hello. Thank you for having me. I’m ok as can be. I have broken my leg in three different places, so I’m not very mobile at the moment. I did it at a trampoline park of all places, having a weeks break with my kids after my 2nd comeback match… was a nasty break.

WF: We are always happy to introduce “new talents“ but your in-ring career already counts 15 years. You were trained by “Ricky Knight“, a legend in the UK. But for those who haven´t heard of him and his family yet, please tell us about him.

AS: 17 years actually. Ricky Knight, „The Rowdy Man“. Rick is a legend in this sport. He’s been in the game for over 30 years. Rick took me on at the age of 23 and took me back to basics as a wrestler. He is my mentor but also a great friend. I call him „the father in law I never had“. Rick is the father of WWE diva Paige, and UK’s best tag team „The UK Hooligans“ and husband to “Sweet Saraya”. All amazing people inside and out the ring. Rick has taught me everything I need to know in the wrestling world. And also a lot of the outside world. I love the man to bits and I always hope I make him proud.

WF: How did you get in touch with the Knight family, it seems like everyone of them wrestles…

AS: I wrestled Ricky Knight at a show back in 2004. After he kicked my ass he took me on. And then became my mentor as he saw potential in me x

WF: How would you describe the Knights in general? Some may know a famous diva, some know her mother. Only a few people know that the brothers and the father are also very active. I hope both brothers have a WWE future…

AS: One word: Awesome! Saraya and Paige are very recognised talents, but so are the brothers Zak & Roy. They’re huge on the indy scene. And Rick, well none of their success would have been possible if it wasn’t for him in the first place. Rick is one of, if the not the most, respected old school wrestlers in the business. And yes Zak and Roy should have been signed years ago in my opinion…

WF: How is it, to live with the whole Knight family, any (maybe funny) stories, you can tell?

AS: Have you ever seen the movie „Fighting with my family“? That’s exactly what its like. Such a fun family to be around, never a dull moment. When I split with my ex I was in a bad place. They took me straight in and really helped me. I’ve had many of nights where I’ve had heart to heart chats and good laughs. I have so much love and respect for them all. To be classed as family to them means so much to me. I could go on all day on funny stories but I’d need a lifetime to tell a few ha ha. Amazing family x

WF: Any story?

AS: Its just the laughs we would have listening to Ricks stories. He’s a proper legend inside and outside the ring. The man alone deserves his own book, it would make a very interesting read. The man has lived some life. And it was always a pleasure to listen to his stories

WF: Do you have a favourite Match?

AS: I’ve had so many great matches in my 17 years as a pro but if i had to choose it’s a hard one:
between myself vs Norways Aron Frost for the WAW European championship – both similar wrestlers. It was one hell of a fight. It could have gone either way, but I just and I mean only just pulled it off!
Demolition Davies, at epic studios in Norwich. I faced a man that was a lot bigger than me and had to bring a totally different style to the table and use his weight against him and be very sharp with my moves at the same time. The odds were against me on both these fights but somehow I pulled it off.

WF: Do you have any idols?

AS: My favourite wrestler of all time has to be Eddie Guerrero. An amazing talent inside the squared circle. His life story alone, how he always overcome the odds always inspired me. One amazing moment I ever had was Vicky Guerrero telling me how much she enjoyed one of my matches as I walked backstage. It was an amazing yet very emotional moment.

WF: What about your hobbies?

AS: In my spare time, when I’m not training, I like to play video games, watch movies and hang out with my friends. I’ve always got time for people and love making new friends. But my favourite time of all, is spending my time „being a dad“ to my kids.

WF: What do you think about wrestling in general?

AS: I think the sport has a lot of egos. Which is fine, you need a little ego in this game. I believe everybody plays an important roll but some people demand respect. I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done. Treat me as a human being with respect and I’ll do the same. As the saying goes “treat people as you wanna be treated“ otherwise go and sit in your own bubble where very few may give a shit.

WF: In Europe, not many talents can live from wrestling only. Most have a regular jobs to do. Do you have any supporters, Sponsors you like to name?

AS: Yes i am sponsored by power grip sport, through WAW. They are an amazing clothing/Gym accessory brand. They also sponsored ‚Heart Of A Lion‘ Documentary. They have recently released a t-shirt and baseball cap design dedicated to me. ‚Lion’s On Fire‘ T-Shirts.. check em out at www.powergripsport.co.uk

WF: Well not everyone of the Knights has a well-trained body which I can´t say about you. During our preliminary talk you mentioned that you participated in bodybuilding competitions. Did you score?

AS: What you gotta understand muscle and body don’t mean nothing in the fight game. I’ve seen the Knights run circles around bodybuilders. I’m just lucky to have been trained by the Knights cause I had the best of both worlds.
I did ok but never came past 4th but I’m a wrestler not a bodybuilder…

WF: Recently you appeared at IPW in Lübeck and will be back soon. How did you get in touch with IPW, did you like it and were you able to enjoy some German food or beer?

AS: I wrestled one of IPW’s promoters/wrestler in WAW back in December 2016. After we went to war we became great friends. He then invited me to IPW in Germany. What can I say, I made a statement by becoming circle of champions 2017 winner on my first ever show and shortly after by defeating Apu Sign for the IPW International championship. I love the German fans and they have seemed to have taken to me, they are great. And of course I had to try the German food and beer… gotta say, I thought it was awesome.

WF: You’ll be back in Germany this year, working on your comeback, right?

AS: Yes most definitely. I’ve got a guaranteed title shot set for November the 9th against Michael Schenkenberg. I’m coming to take that championship, with all respect. I need to prove to many but mainly myself that I can do it!

WF: Schenkenberg is a huge German talent. How important is that Match for you, your opinion about Michael & IPW?!

AS: This is gonna be the biggest match of my career, as it has so much meaning to me. It’s the icing on the cake – win, lose or draw. It’s me proving that I can come back from anything and I’ll do it for anyone who’s in a dark place. We fight together! We are lions that need to roar. Michael Schenkenberg is an amazing talent. One of the best I’ve witnessed in a ring if I’m truly honest. He is very powerful and is the heavyweight champion for a reason.
He’s the ultimate goal to me. I have respect for him but when we fight, he has something I want and I’ll stop at nothing to get it. I made a promise to my kids. I will deliver it.
I’m the big underdog in this fight, nobody and I mean nobody believes I can pull it off. I’m telling you now, the only way I will lose is if I’m 1.) knocked out or 2.) stop breathing. Lion vs Schenkenberg for the IPW Heavyweight Championship, believe me, were going to War.

WF: I´m sure, you can do it. Please tell us something about your upcoming documentation. You had rough times in the last few months. Can you share some details of the last months, the docu etc.?

AS: Of course. I suffered depression and anxiety back in 2017. I quit everything, I was as low as anybody could go. Then in December 2018 my fiancé walked away. It’s crumbled me. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. It still hurts. But I made a promise to my children I would fight back and have kept my promise up to now. I need to go all the way for them.
A very good documentary crew met up with me in January and after talks we decided to aim for the stars and have them film my whole comeback. The documentary follows my everyday life and goes into my depression, my faith, living with my youngest who lives with autism, and my journey back into the ring now aiming for the heavyweight championship. They wanted to do a documentary on my life and I happily agreed.

WF: So, how can we watch or buy that movie, do you have a release date?

AS: Its set to release in summer 2020. It will be available possibly on Amazon prime and purchase on Youtube maybe. Who knows it could end up on TV. We are halfway through filming till possibly December. We are hoping to make the documentary about 60 – 90 mins long.

WF: Any trailers planned or available?

AS: Not at the moment. It probably won’t be till around February. There might be a trailer once the product is finished.

WF: How would you describe your wrestling “character“, style?

AS: I’m what you call an all rounder. I’m powerful, I’m technical, strong and fast. I can wrestle all styles. I love to brawl if need be, I love to chain wrestle, high fly for a big guy, or go to town with big power moves. I can adapt to all styles.
Characterwise I’m a bad ass motherf*****r that doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit.

WF: Where in the world have you performed in, do you still have places you wish to go?

AS: I have wrestled in all over the UK, Italy & Germany. I’m not to bothered where I wrestle I enjoy going anywhere. Japan seems to be the big one wrestlers like to go but it’s never interested me.

WF: If one wants to book you, how can they contact you?

AS: Anyway they want: Facebook, instagram or you can contact Ricky Knight ( WAW ).

WF: Thank you for your time and stay safe!

AS: No thank you very much for the interview. And believe me when I tell you. The best is yet to come. And I would just like to say a massive thank you to all my friends, family & fans who have supported me through these dark times. You all mean so much to me! I promise i’ll keep pushing for each and everyone of you. I’d like to thank my lord and saviour Jesus Christ for my strength and my kids, Chase, Honey & Xander for being my purpose in life x


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