Mike D. Vecchio im WrestlingFever.de Interview (English, 10.11.2021)

WF: Mike, thank you for your spontaneous acceptance!

M: Thanks to you and all the team of Wrestlingfever to have interest in me!

WF: What do you do for a living when you are not in the ring? What job did you learn?

M: Got my own, my own gym from father to son – I am so lucky for that! A big chance and I take it at 10000%!

WF: Do you look very sporty, were there or are there other sports besides wrestling / gym for you?

M: Thank you! Actually I’m training for MMA Fights 3 times a week, Muay Thai and 1 time grappling and for sure body building with that!

WF: In the ring you often dyed your hair red, why are you doing this, does this have a special meaning or story?

M: Just to get a different look in the ring, all the crowd will remember my haircut ahahaha and often I go for similar colours of the Belgian flag, it’s where my nickname comes from ‚Belgian War Machine‘!
For people who don’t know me ! ‚Oooooh god you need to know The Belgian War Machine, you’ll never forget‘ 😉

WF: Mike, for many fans here you are still quite a new face: How, when and where did it all start for you, who trained you and did you also take part in seminars (if so, with whom)?

M: My father was a pro wrestler so I was born with pro wrestling in my life and he was also a bodybuilder so guess what happend next.. 🙂
Yes and for sure I did some seminars with Sami Zayn, Robbie E, Joe Legend and more …

WF: For me you have a great future ahead of you and you will hold at least one GWF title in your hands. What are your goals, possibly also in the USA?

M: Thank you and I hope so! I work hard for that! And one of my goals is to get a contract with a big promotion, it’s my childhood dream !

WF: Were there or are there role models for you?

M: The biggest idol of my entire life’s gonna be Brock Lesnar, for life and forever!

WF: Many talents would like to gain their experience abroad in order to develop further, countries like Japan, England, Mexico or America. Would that be an option for you?

M: 2 years ago now I left my country for my first tryout at Las Vegas Sam’s town for Impact wrestling and it was great! They’d give me a chance to make a dark match just before their PPV it was one of the most beautiful parts of my career but you can be sure of that at some point I will be back !

WF: You have already worked for cOw, WrestlingKULT in Germany, are you still in contact with the wXw after your matches in September? Could you imagine appearing “exclusively” for a german promotion?

M: At this moment I just want to get a maximum of experience so not now 🙂 maybe, why not, but not now.

WF: Are there differences for you between the mentioned promotions, possibly compared to the leagues in Belgium?

M: The difference between Belgium leagues and German is so big, the only one and best in Belgium is just BodyZoi Wrestling

WF: How would you describe the wrestling scene in Belgium?

M: We get some good workers but the leagues are not really great to be honest…

WF: How would you describe your goals?

M: My goal’s to get a contract and living my childhood dream.

WF: Thanks Mike for your time! We look forward to seeing you in the ring again! Stay healthy and good luck!

M: Thank you for everything im glad to be a part of you now ! Thank you WrestlingFever!!!!


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