WrestlingFever Interview: Chris Ford (15.09.2010)

chrisfordDer ehem. WCW, ECW und TNA Wrestler berichtet über seine Erfahrungen, Ligen, wie der Charakter „Crowbar“ entstand, warum er gerne mit Sabu arbeiten möchte, seine Meinung über die WWE-ECW, seine Arbeit bei WWE ohne festen Vertrag, David Flair, u.v.m (ENGLISCH)

WF: Hello Chris. We are proud, that you take your time for us. In the last years, it has become calm about you. How are you doing?

Chris: I am working full-time as a physical therapist in New Jersey at my facility, I wrestle locally 2-3 times a month and am really enjoying my family life with my wife, son and daughter.

WF: of course, belated best wishes to the birth of your daughter and your wedding, too.

Chris: Thank you

WF: What is „Crowbar“ or „Devon Storm“ doing at the moment, are you still active, do you have own projects?

Chris: Like I said, 2-3 times a month, very LOCALLY! – I stay ususally within a hour from my home tops as I like spending as much time as possible with my family.

WF: You could have 3 matches in the original ECW (and defeats). Do you remember this special atmosphere, the time and the boys? Do you maybe have a little story about the ECW?

Chris: Exciting atmosphere. The crowd was actially „part of“ what was going on. Even though everyone knows it’s a work, this crowd was able to suspend reality during the show, let loose and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, many of the boys didn’t like me too much. During my time in ECW, I was also going to school full time for physical therapy – so I spent a lot of my time in the locker-room studying and doing school work – which was not exacxtly looked upon favorably by my extreme collegues! Because of this I also don’t have any really good stories as mosy of my „down time“ was spent doing school work. I actually got a lot of heat for trying to better myself and prepare for life outside of wrestling – I wasnt the most „popular“ guys backstage because of this – but I am way better off in LIFE because of this now.

WF: With which person did you love to work and why?

Chris: Sabu. We had a great chemistry together and got a along well insoide if the ring. He loves to give his all and work hard. I love to give my all and work hard. I especially love the series of matches we had in Australia for WWWA that ended with a cage match on PPV. It wasn’t a widely purchased PPV event, but I would encourage anyone who likes my work and Sabu’s work to check it out. I am very proud of that match.

WF: Which impressions did you get about Paul Heyman?

Chris: Incredible motivator. He made you want to do the best you could and give your all. Probably one of the reasons why we didn’t see eye to eye back then. I was young, hungary and willing to work my ass off and put my body on the line for a company that i was a huge fan of and in an environment that i loved working in. At the time, i was very resentful that I was not permitted to do more in the ring. Looking back, in handsight, being older and wiser I can honestly say I wasn’t ready. Paul did give me a weekly income while I was in college. My money was always there, and I learned a lot about when I was there. In fact NOT being used well motivated me to get into better shape and master my craft even more. It made me determined to move on and succeed. In hi

WF: Did you ever saw the WWE version of the ECW? What are your thoughts about this show?

Chris: It COULD HAVE BEEN great. It wasn’t. It was used mainly as a show to utilize guys that they „didn’t have a spot for“ or to introduce and groom new guys. I understand the need for that, but for fans that were expecting something like the old ECW, it must have been disappointing.

WF: In Germany, you became popular with your WCW time as Crowbar or Devon Storm. Could you remember how you got this „Crowbar“ gimmick, this completely insane guy?

Chris: David Flair was going around WcW wacking people with a crowbar. He was a weak in ring performer, but for some reason drew a good rating. WcW decided if he had a partner that could wrestle it would enable David to appear in matches more ofter and protect the fact that he has not a stong in ring performer.

WF: You worked a long time with David Flair and Daffney, later against Flair. How was it for you, to wrestle against a rookie like him or work with him?

Chris: All three of us had a lot of fun. The crazy gimmick was fun to play out and we evolved each week doing whatever crazy stuff came to mind.

WF: IN January 2000, 10 years ago, you won your first WCW title. You could get the Tag Team Title with David Flair. Surely a great moment to become a champion at TV?

Chris: Of course. I have said many times, I got involved in wrestling for the love of the sport, never expecting to make it in a big company. Just making it was incredible, winning a title was unthinkable, winning 2 more titiles (cruiserweight and hardcore) – unimaginable

WF: Only a few fans know, that you was a part of the WWE, too. This, in the years 1997 and 1999, only to draft to the WCW. Why did you leave the WWE?

Chris: I never had a contract. I worked nightly for them. In ’97 I participated in some lightheavywieght matches, including the tounament – but I was still a full time student and was not signed to a contract. In 99 I was also nightly. I guess they (WWF) seemed interested in me, but not interested enough to sign me to a contract either time.

WF: How do you remember at your WCW time? What did you like and what had you disturbed personally?

Chris: Not much disturbed me really, like I said just really enjoyed my time there for the most part. I knew that when wrestling was over, I had a career in Physical Therapy waiting for me, so….I didn’t have many of the pressures associated with job loss that the other guys did. I was able to enjoy my entire time there, like a kid in a toy store I was literally living the dream. I was able to meet many great people and visit many places that I otherwise would not have been able to and see had it not been for my time in WcW.

WF: In March 2001, you got released of your WCW contract; could you tell us something about it? A few weeks later, the WCW got buy up by the WWE!?

Chris: Just got a call one day from Johnny Ace saying that I made too much money and had to be released. I laughed to myself, as I was one one of the lowest paid guys on the roster. I think „Animal’s Brother“ needs a refresher course in math!

WF: What do you think today about your time at WCW and the abbroachement of the WWE?

Chris: When I went to WCW, i already hade my degree in physical therapy, I worked in the field for 1 1/2 years before I went to WCW. When i was home from the raod in WCW – i worked in a hospital – because of all this I was able to really ENJOY myself my entire time there. I was like a kid at Christmas – no stress, no worry about being fired and not being able to support myself – it was just fun. It was way further than I ever expected to go in this business and I loved every minute of it.

WF: After this, your fans could see you at the World Wrestling Allstars. What du you thing about the WWA and how was your time there?

Chris: Loved WWA simply because of the creative freedom I had. We were toled the jist of what was wanted, and then were given the OK to put together our matches the way we wanted to. I loved working with Norman Smiley and Sabu there, as those were thr guys i mostly worked with. I enjoyed working with Konan on one of there PPV’s as well. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and a fun crew to be with.

WF: For a short time, we could see you at the TNA shows, sadly not for long, so many of your fans were very sad about this. We heard rumours, that the travelling costs were a reason, but why didn’t got a former WCW Hardcore, Tag Team und Cruiserweight Champion a long time contract?

Chris: I was told it was because of travel expenses. Bob Ryder told me perhaps something could be worked out if I moved down Nashville so I wouldn’t need to be flown in. I had just landed a great job doing physical therapy, bought a home in New Jersey and was not moving. In hindsight, it was probably one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.

WF: You were also a part of the XPW. Some fans ask why they couldn’t see you in the newer shows of the XPW.

Chris: I actually loved playing the evil charachter of „Salem“ that Kevin Kleinrock came up with, and like WWA, I had much more creative freedom to lay out my matches and interviews and vingettes the way I wanted to. – really good time

WF: What do you think about the Internet or fanpages?

Chris: I think they are fine. It gives these hardcore enthusast fans a place to discuss something they are passionate about.

WF: Finally some connotations. We give you some Words and you give us your thoughts about it:

WCW: WoW, what a great time I had!
David Flair: Thank God he wasn’t as good as his father or i may never have left WcW Saturday night!
Vince Russo: Turned Devon Storm into Crowbar!
Eric Bischoff: Thank you for signing my first contract Mr. Bischoff!
nWo: A ground-breaking booking idea, that made a lot of money. Made wrestling „cool“ again.
Vince McMahon: King of wrestling
ECW: Great learning experience.
MLW: Only worked for them once. Enjoyed working C.W.
WWE: I made it there…even if it was only „nightly“….I wrestled at Madison Square Garden!
TNA: Tons of talent, Tons of potential: No direction



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