Chris Andrews im Interview (English, 16.06.2015)

WF: Thank you for your spontaneous commitment

CA: No worries

WF: England has a huge wrestling (Catch) tradition, like Germany. You belong to the new generation, today everything is faster, younger and also the wrestlers are lighter and smaller. You seem very to put a big value on your appearance and train apparently regularly. How important is the look for you?

CA: I began training in the gym because of wrestling really, 90% of the guys i was watching wrestle on tv were in great shape so knew it was an essential step to becoming a professional wrestler. Its not a problem that wrestlers are smaller now as long as they are in great shape with it, they need to stand out from the audience and look like a professional athlete (90% of the time). If they dont have something to set them apart from the crowd they wont buy into it.

WF: How often do you train and (among us) …Do you pay attention to your food?

CA: I lift weights 3/4 times per week and do 2 cardio sessions as well as any wrestling shows. i eat very well during the week but i do like to put a few beers away at the weekend as well as it being very difficult to eat well on the road in england.

WF: Europe has many legends, do you have any role models or idols?

CA: As a young fan Davey boy Smith and later on Fit Finlay.

WF: How did you come to your nickname „Shark“?

CA: That was just a reference to my personality being very calm and quiet generally and becoming very aggressive and ferocious in a snap. it seemed to stick as a nickname.

WF: You’re in the ring for 10 years now, so you really have some experience. What did you and your brother move to become wrestlers?

CA: Me, my brother Sam and Joel Redman were friends from a very young age and all big wrestling fans. we started training in Exeter with various trainers but UK Kid saw some potential in us and asked us to travel to Portsmouth each week to train with VPW. So we did and started working several shows in the hampshire area to begin with.

WF: A tag match together with your brother would be awesome, without a doubt. Was there a match AGAINST him or could you imagine to face your brother in the future?

CA: Me and Sam have had a few runs as a tag team and won several tag team titles, there has been some friction for a while and it looks as though we may step into the ring as opponents in july.

WF: I can imagine that there is a rather unpleasant start for everyone who starts to wrestle. A small or even no salary, long journeys and ensure you do not really win very often. When came the „Turning Point“ and who helped you at that time on your way to the „breakthrough“?

CA: It was a normal start i guess, some of the older guys trying to test you and see if you really want it. But the training, bumps and learning moves wasn’t the difficult part. Thats just something you do to become safe, look sharp and get timing down. If you don’t enjoy that part then its not for you. I was getting frustrated learning the psychology and that is something that takes time infront of a live crowd and watching tapes back to see what worked and what didn’t.

WF: Every wrestler tries to gain international experience, to travel to many countries. Could you also make impressions of people, the culture, or is it mostly just the hotel and the hall?

CA: To be honest im not the best at making the most of seeing a place while im working there so for me it is more of a drive, fly, show, hotel, then home again. Im sure i will look back and wish i made more of being in some of these places, i just never seem to make the most of it.

WF: We can see you in Switzerland (SWE) regularly. How important is it for you (even today) to travel to other countries and is there still a dream opponent and country?

CA: Its great to go abroad to work on shows (even if i don’t make the most of local attractions). I guess aside from making it to the big leagues being paid to travel the world is what you work to achieve. The attitude era was what made me want to be a wrestler so my dream opponent would be steve austin. but i have been lucky enough to work with some big stars from that era such as billy gunn and hardcore holly.

WF: Did you ever compete in a tryout for a large company (how has it run)?

CA: Yes i have done a couple try outs with WWE back in 2011. they said they liked me and asked me to keep coming back but there were some changes of positions in the company at that time and i lost the contact i had with them. It was a bit of a last attempt to go there at the time. I have things going on in my personal life now which make me want to stay where i am these days.

WF: How is your opinion about the “TNA British Bootcamp”, did you watch it?

CA: I watched some of it because there were a few friends on there. it was better than i thought it would be. some of the guys they didn’t take over was crazy but i don’t know what they were looking for.

WF: Road stories are always popular with the fans, be so kind and share a funny one with us, you don’t have to call names: D

CA: Most of the wrestling road stories i have wont be that funny unless you were there, but while on a football tour one of my team mates was getting a bit cocky so we decided to bring him down a peg or 2. About 5 of us dropped our pants and rubbed his tooth brush on our arse holes. The next morning we let him brush his teeth then showed him the video. As you can imagine he was really pleased and thanked us.

WF: Thanks for your time!

CA: No problem, thanks for featuring me.


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